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How will I receive confirmation for the order that I placed?

Every order placed at Garby clothing is followed by an email confirming the status and the details of the order. 

What type of payment options are accepted for making a purchase? 


Garby clothing only accepts Cash on Delivery (COD) as the mode of payment. 


What are the delivery charges for COD mode of payment?

Every order placed at Garby clothing for less than Rs 1,000 is subject to a delivery fee. The delivery charges are Rs 200 for deliveries in Pakistan. For orders over Rs 1,000, we provide free delivery across the country.

If I am not able to receive my order, will the courier service deliver it again at the given address?

As per our policy, courier agents are advised to make 2 attempts for delivering any parcel. In case the customer is unable to receive the parcel at both the attempts, the parcel is returned to the company.

Why should I create an account on Garby Clothing?

By creating an account with us, you will be able to save your credentials (address, name, phone number) and order subsequently without filling the form. You will also be able to access your order details, account information, and order history.

Can an “out of stock” product be ordered?

Once the company runs out of a particular product, its status changes to “out of stock” or is removed from the website. However, if such a product is to be purchased, you can email its information to us, and we`ll inform you of its availability.  

What is the transaction limit of any order placed at Garby Clothing? 

The maximum amount we accept for COD orders is Rs 15,000.