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Privacy Policy

Garby Clothing ensures to protect and secure all information shared by the users and the customers as
per the privacy policy mentioned hereunder. We staunchly bear the onus of protecting every bit of information our users provide to us, and only collect data to optimize the user experience our customers have when they deal with us.

Mentioned hereunder is the corpus of regulations that govern what data we collect and how we use it.

What Information Do We Collect?

Depending on the transaction, we may collect:

  •  Full name
  • Contact information (phone number and email address)
  •  Shipping and postal address
  • Social media account information for Facebook
  • Information surveyed on forms
  • Data acquired through third party platforms

How We Use The Collected Information?

The primary purpose to collect the abovementioned information is to optimize and improve the user
experience. Any data collected is used for the purposes mentioned hereunder:

  • Maintaining internal records
  • To improve the quality of service delivery
  • To standardize products
  • To contact users for surveys and/or promotional campaigns, offers, and discounts based on their
    respective interests

Garby Clothing uses only the official email, contact number, or third-party postal service, mentioned on
its website, to contact its clientele. We, in any way, do not ask for sensitive information via calls, posts,
or emails.

Privacy and Protection

We ensure via stringent protocols and secure hosting services to secure and protect your information at
all times. We only keep your data as long as required by the law or to deliver the services you have
opted. Thenceforth, the data is deleted to prevent unauthorized disclosure of information to any
platform, individual, or organization.


Accepting cookies at Garby Clothing is not a prerequisite to accessing the website. However, it’s
recommended that cookies are accepted so that optimal web experience may be provided. Cookies, at Garby Clothing, are files stored during subsequent visits to the website from your computer.
The only purpose is to optimize the web experience and to tailor and display our services as per your
interests and needs.
The cookies stored in no manner access the personal information stored on your computer, nor the
information collected is disclosed to any third party.
We use two types of cookies: permanent cookies and temporary cookies. The former is used to store
your details and the choice of your home page, and is not stored on your computer for more than 12
minutes. The latter is used to analyze the sort of filters you use, the products you select, and to check if
you`re logged into your account. They are deleted as soon as you exit the browsing session.
Cookies allow us to use the data for statistical purposes and to provide you with the customized
experience you expect from us. They in no manner allow us access to your computer or your personal
information other than what you readily accept to provide to us.
Cookies can be turn off for this site using your browser. This, however, may limit your experience on our website

Google Account Information

In case you already do not have an account with us, at Garby Clothing, we use your Google profile
information to fill in your basic account information, if you choose to login at the website with your
Google account. The information accessed can be viewed under the “My Account” page, and can be
altered whenever required.


The privacy policy at Garby Clothing is amended periodically to continue to improve the standards of
services we have set for our customers. We continue to implement newer technologies and best
industry practices relative to the services we provide and the features we introduce. Consequently, the
privacy policy at Garby Clothing is subject to change, based on the improvements we bring to improve
your experience.